Greek Roasted Potatoes with Whipped Feta

This is my viral Greek roasted potatoes with whipped feta video - so good that over 4 million people have seen it! You won't regret giving this beautiful recipe a try.

Let’s get started!

"I made the whipped feta and potatoes for lunch today. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for posting this."

- Johnny Chaser (reader)

Whipped Feta Ingredients List

01 Good quality feta cheese (check to make sure it's vegetarian)

02 Greek yoghurt (coconut yoghurt also works)

03 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

04 Lemon, juice & zest

05 Salt & pepper

Flour Bag

06 A blender to blitz it up!

Flour Bowl
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lemon, honey, garlic, & chilli potatoes...


To ensure a mouth-watering flavor, make sure you use organic, unwaxed lemons as we chop the whole lemon up for the sauce, rind and all!

Storage: Keep separate


Keep your roasted potatoes and whipped feta until ready to eat if you are making this recipe ahead of time!

Potato Tips


This recipe par-boils the poatoes for 10 minutes. After draining, place a lid on your suacepan and shake the potatoes to really fluff up those edges!

Making the sauce


After roasting the potatoes, lemon and garlic for 20 minutes, we return the potatoes to the oven but retain the lemon and garlic...

Lemons, garlic, and more...


The roasted lemons and garlic are chopped finely, and mixed with honey, oil, and chilli flakes.

Finished product


Drizzle the sauce over your roasted potatoes, and the rest over the whipped feta for a taste explosion!