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about By The Forkful

Welcome to By The Forkful.

By The Forkful is committed to providing easy, colourful, and delicious vegetatian recipes that everyone can enjoy.

I use simple ingredients that anyone can get their hands on, with minimal ingredients perfect for everyday cooking.

Meet Yasmin, Content Creator & Recipe Developer

Hi, I’m Yasmin! I’m the creator behind By The Forkful, sharing my favourite vegetarian recipes that are often simply staples in my tiny flat kitchen here in the UK.

I’ve been vegetarian since 2017. For about 4 years, I followed an almost exclusively plant-based diet, which is also while you’ll see a lot of vegan-friendly recipes on this page. After I had my daughter in 2021, I started to introduce a few dairy items back into my diet more frequently for health reasons, and that change is also reflected in the widening of vegetarian recipes on the blog.

My hope and main mission is to show everyone and anyone how delicious vegetarian cooking can be. If a recipe is not plant-based, I will always have a section that shows you how you can substitute ingredients to make them vegan-friendly.

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How I Became a Food Blogger

Transitioning from eating meat multiple times a day to only veggie foods really kickstarted my creativity in the kitchen.

I had loved cooking for years before that, but going vegetarian definitely motivated me to introduce a wide array of new ingredients, techniques, and textures into my diet. I love sharing what I’ve learned over the years with you.

I was an extremely fussy eater as a child, up until I was about 18. Like, we’re talking didn’t eat pizza or pasta until I was 18 years old fussy.

It wasn’t really until I went to university and started actually cooking for myself that I began to emerge from that ingrained habit of fussiness.

At a similar time, I started on a health & fitness journey, and really started to learn about nutrition and actually fuelling my body. My mind was suddenly opened to food in ways I’d never discovered before.

So, my journey in cooking was fast-paced, and I devoured every scrap of information I could find about recipes and techniques – not to mention the number of new ingredients I introduced to my diet every week!

In 2018, By The Forkful was founded. I had loved photographing my meals and posting them on Instagram long before then, but this was the year that I finally decided to take the leap.

As someone who previously refused to eat any other veg than carrots or broccoli, I feel like I’m pretty qualified to show others that vegetables actually can be the most delicious thing on your plate.

Plus, I think my early years as a picky eater have ingrained a high standard within my recipes – I’m definitely of the opinion that if you’re going to spend your time cooking a meal, it might as well be the best meal you’ve had all week.

No shortcuts, no half-assing stuff.

My Ethos at By The Forkful

Every single recipe you see on this website has been tested, at least twice (but often far more), personally by me, Yasmin.

If I make a recipe that I was hoping to publish and it just doesn’t turn out completely perfect, then it doesn’t get posted until the recipe is tweaked and perfected for my readers.

I develop, cook, film, and photograph all recipes myself. I should add, this all happens alongside holding down a job and being a mum, and takes place in my tiny kitchen here in the UK! My desk is also often used as a place to photograph recipes (it has the best lighting!), and my photography setup would make some professionals faint – we’re talking a tripod balanced on a clothes airer to get overhead shots 😂.

A Peek Into My Life Beyond the Blog

Outside of the kitchen, life is busy.

I’m a single mum to a beautiful, sassy little girl, and love living super close to the rest of my family. I primarily work in content writing/marketing, but also teach yoga on the side.

One day I envision a yoga and vegetarian cooking retreat for us all to practice together, cook a huge meal of side plates and colourful dishes, and then sit down and appreciate this community in real life.

Maybe one day.

If you’ve made it this far, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful to have you here.

By The Forkful is my little passion project, sharing recipes that mean a great deal to me – and hearing your comments on making my recipes yourselves brings me so much joy.

Leave a message, or connect with me on Instagram or TikTok (links in the footer below) – I’d love to hear from you!

Press & Partnerships

For media requests and collaborations, please contact me via contact[@]