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By The Forkful

Refried Beans

Refried beans are a staple of Mexican cooking, consisting of cooked and mashed pinto beans with seasonings and spices. They’re extremely versatile and so easy to make – this recipe uses canned beans so it’s ready in under 25 minutes! Being a vegetarian household, bean-focused recipes are a staple of our weekly meals. My Mexican …

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Spicy Marinara Sauce Recipe

This spicy marinara sauce is a fun, fiery twist on a traditional Italian marinara sauce made with tomatoes. It has a lovely kick to spice up your favorite meal and is the perfect easy homemade sauce for pasta, pizza, and more. This arrabbiata-inspired sauce is made with simple ingredients, many of which you’ll already have …

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15-Minute Creamy White Beans with Lemon & Garlic

This gorgeous creamy white beans recipe is the perfect quick and easy one-pan recipe, excellent served with lots of crusty bread to mop everything up. This recipe is ready in just 15 minutes and is one of my favorite ways to cook with cannellini beans. This recipe is similar to my ultra-popular viral creamy butter …

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Cheesy Baked Orzo with Veggie Meatballs

This delicious one-pan cheesy baked orzo with veggie meatballs is ready in under 30 minutes and insanely tasty. Hearty, wholesome, classic comfort food at its finest – and with simple, basic ingredients. Orzo is fast becoming one of my all-time favorite types of pasta. I made this incredible orzo mac and cheese last winter, and …

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Za’atar Potatoes

These za’atar potatoes are the perfect fragrant, flavorful potato side dish. Za’atar is a Middle Eastern spice mixture consisting of ground dried thyme, toasted sesame seeds, sumac, and salt – and it pairs perfectly on these crispy roast potatoes! In the photos for this recipe, I’ve served these za’atar potatoes on a creamy tahini dip …

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Easy Crispy Garlic Breaded Mushrooms

These easy homemade crispy breaded mushrooms are a delicious appetizer you can whip up in under 20 minutes. This recipe is plant-based, so all your guests can enjoy these perfectly breaded mushrooms, and makes for an amazing starter or crispy, garlicky side dish served here with a lemon garlic mayo. These mushrooms would also be …

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