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Kumpir (Turkish Stuffed Baked Potato)

This is kumpir – a traditional Turkish stuffed baked potato, and it might just be one of the best comfort food meals I’ve ever had. It’s a large baked potato that’s then mixed with butter and mozzarella, and topped with what you like – from olives and corn to hotdogs, pickled red cabbage, and a large spoonful of sour cream.

a bowl of kumpir (stuffed baked potato) loaded with sour cream, vegetarian bacon and onions, chopped olives, sweetcorn, and chives

This recipe may look similar to what is known as a baked potato or loaded potato in the US, or a jacket potato in the UK – but it’s also an extremely popular Turkish recipe.

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Ingredient Notes

The exact quantities of the ingredients you need for this recipe are included in the recipe card at the bottom of this post. Here, I’ve added a few notes on the ingredients you need, plus a few potential substitutions you could make if you can’t eat/find a certain ingredient.

  • Potato: For this recipe, use the largest white potato you can find! I cooked mine in the air fryer after rubbing it with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. You could also roast your potato in the oven. Wrap your potato in foil to keep the skin from going overly crispy.
  • Butter: You’ll need some butter to mash into the flesh of the baked potato. If vegan, use a vegan butter alternative.
  • Mozzarella: We also mash mozzarella cheese into the potato along with the butter. It creates this gorgeously creamy, cheesy potato mixture that you can smooth out into a completely flat surface ready to load up with all your favorite toppings!

Suggested Toppings:

In the photos for this recipe, I used:

  • Sweet corn
  • Chopped olives
  • A vegan bacon lardon and onion mixture
  • Sour cream
  • Chives

However, there are endless options for kumpir! Other popular toppings that you could choose from include:

  • Pickled red cabbage
  • Sliced hot dogs
  • Ezme salad
  • Russian salad (Amerikan salatası)
a bowl of kumpir (stuffed baked potato) loaded with sour cream, vegetarian bacon and onions, chopped olives, sweetcorn, and chives

How To Make Kumpir

Again, the exact step-by-step instructions and ingredient quantities will be in the recipe card at the bottom of this page. 

Below is an overview of making this recipe, plus some process shots to help you visualize how this recipe should turn out.

Step 1) Bake Your Potatoes

Choose large baking potatoes for this recipe. To bake your potatoes, you can use either the air fryer or the oven. Prick your potatoes with a fork and then rub them in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Wrap the potatoes in foil and cook them:

  • In The Air Fryer: For 50 – 60 minutes
  • In The Oven: For 80 – 90 minutes

Or until a knife pierces the potato easily.

Step 2) Assemble Your Ingredients

While the potatoes are cooking, prepare your ingredients. If you’re making any of the traditional salads, do this now. Otherwise, get everything prepped and ready to load onto your finished kumpir stuffed potato.

Step 3) Mix Mozzarella and Butter Into The Potato

Once your potatoes are cooked, halve them lengthways and open so the flesh-side is facing up. Use a spoon to gently separate the potato from the skins, and then use a fork to mash your butter and mozzarella cheese with the potato flesh. 

This will create a beautifully creamy, cheesy mashed potato texture, which you can then smooth out across the potato skins.

Step 4) Add Your Toppings

Top your stuffed potatoes with your toppings of choice and dive in!

Top Tips \ Chef’s Notes

  • Use large potatoes for this recipe! You’ll be able to fit in more toppings and it’s easier to mash the potato flesh without the skins breaking!
  • If you’re entertaining guests, this can be a fun dinner party food. Set up a loaded potato bar and let your guests pick their own toppings.
  • Kumpir is best eaten immediately. However, you could prep a batch of potatoes in advance and then simply reheat them before adding the butter/mozzarella and your toppings.


Kumpir is best served immediately, but if you have leftovers an assembled potato should last for up to 2-3 days.

If you want to prepare your potatoes and kumpir toppings in advance, store them in the fridge in airtight containers separately and simply reheat and assemble before serving.


Can I make this recipe vegan?

Yes, just use vegan butter and mozzarella for the potatoes and make sure your toppings are vegan!

Can I make the potatoes in the microwave?

Yes, you could cook the potatoes in the microwave. Make sure you pierce the potatoes with a fork or knife a few times, and do not wrap them in foil!

How do I know when a baked potato is ready?

You can typically tell a baked potato is ready when you pierce it with a knife and the knife slides in easily. You could also use a food thermometer and wait until the inside of the potato is 210 degrees F.

Kumpir (Turkish Stuffed Baked Potato)

Kumpir (Turkish Stuffed Baked Potato)

Yield: 3 Potatoes
Cook Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Kumpri is a traditional Turkish stuffed baked potato loaded with butter, mozzarella, and your toppings of choice. It’s a delicious comfort food that many people will recognise in slightly different forms and a versatile weeknight meal!


  • 3 large baking potatoes
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 50g shredded mozzarella

Topping suggestions:

  • 3 tbsp crispy onions
  • 100g vegetarian bacon lardons or sausage
  • 100g cooked sweetcorn
  • 3 tbsp chopped green olives
  • 3 tbsp sour cream
  • Fresh chives or parsley
  • 6 tbsp pickled red cabbage


  1. Wash your potato and pierce it a few times with a fork. Rub the potatoes with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  2. If using an air fryer, wrap your potato in foil and place it in the air fryer at 200C for 60 minutes. If using an oven, wrap the potato in foil and bake it in a preheated oven at 200C | 395F for 1.5 hours or until a knife pierces the potatoes easily.
  3. Place the baked potato in a bowl and cut it lengthways, almost but not quite in half.
  4. Add the butter and mozzarella to the flesh of the potatoes, and use a fork to mash the potato filling until the mozzarella has melted and the potato filling is completely creamy, taking care not to break apart the potato skin.
  5. Add your toppings of choice and dive in!


You'll want large baking potatoes for this recipe - it's easy to get the right consistency for loaded potatoes, and gives you more room for the toppings!

Check if your potatoes are cooked properly by insertng a knife into the potato. If it slides in easily, your potato is ready.

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